Learn how to support pollinators, build habitat and connect with Nature more deeply in your Place - wherever you live, love, work or worship.

Join activists, experts and naturalists of the mid-atlantic bioregion and beyond as we learn how to slow down, find our Place, listen to Nature, and act with Ecological Impact.


March 22-25, 2023


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Meet Your Host

Kendra Hoffman is an ecological designer, habitat steward, community organizer, nature-based educator and somatic movement therapist, among other things! She founded LadyBug EarthCare in 2019 after years of working on local farms, landscaping and gardening with her mom. As she continues to deepen her relationships with community members and Nature, she grows in recognition of how essential to our wellbeing and the health of the planet it is to be on an EarthCare journey.

The 2023 MidAtlantic EarthCare Summit is Kendra's effort to bring people together, share bioregional knowledge and empower each other to act with impact by connecting with Nature.

She hopes you join us!

Meet Your Speakers


Dr. Melvina Brown

Eco-Spirituality & Land-Based Practices
Interdisciplinary Educator, Permaculturist, Eco-Spiritualist, Executive Director + Founder of InnerSource Wellness Center

Monica Ibacache

Learning to Design for All
Community Organizer, Sustainability Educator, and Ecological Designer

Allen Clements

Biodiversity & Working with "Invasive" Plants, with special guest Michael Judd
Biodynamic Farmer, Designer + Filmmaker

Austin Unruh

Starting and Scaling an Ecologically Impactful Business
Owner + Founder of Trees for Graziers

Victoria Loorz

Re-Membering the Great Conversation Through Wild Kinship
Eco-Spiritual Director and Wild Church Pastor

William Padilla-Brown

Creating Global Change with Hyper Local Action
Multidisciplinary Citizen Scientist, Founder + CEO of MycoSymbiotics

Eryn Shrader

Contemplative Herbalism

Jimi Eisenstein

The Coolness of Plants
Earth Advocate + Educator

Ted Evgeniadis

Keeping Rivers Clean & Polluters Accountable
Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper

Tony Campisi

Sustainable Landscaping: What, Why & How
Co-Owner of Campisi Property Service LLC

Stacy Levy

Lost in our Own Backyards
Urban Forester and Eco-Revelatory Artist

Tim Seifarth 

Making Art & Music Within Nature 

Artist, Musician and Owner of Earthbound Artisan

Julia Knight 

Reconnecting to Place

 Regenerative Practitioner of Regener8

Matt Bennett

Movement Building with the Permaculture Institute of North America
Permaculture Designer + Teacher

Karryn Olson 

Place-Sourced Livelihoods & Beloveding

Founder of Regeneprenuers, Regenerative Re-Source for Entrepreneurs 

Emily Woodmansee 

Exploring Nature with/as Children   

Environmental Educator at Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools

Jodi Sulpizio 

Master Watershed Stewards Making a Difference in PA

Natural Resources Educator and Master Watershed Steward Coordinator

Adrienne Boullianne 

Eco-Friendly Ways to Manage "Pests"   

Native Gardener + Certified Habitat Steward

Tyler Snelbaker 

Woodland Management Tools & Tips

Woodland Restoration Specialist

Calyx Liddick 

Wildtending & Foraging Urban Landscapes 

Founding Director of the Northern Appalachia School

Sherrie Moyer 

Propagating Native Plants from Seeds

Owner + Manager of Hungry Hook Farm LLC

Xenia D'Ambrosi

How Climate-Friendly Is Your Garden?

Lead Designer + Farmer-Florist at Sweet Earth Co.

Cathy Morgan

Curiosity & An Ecological Awakening

LadyBug Client + Spiritual Director

Margie Hall

5 Elements of Habitat Building

Wildlife Gardening Enthusiast

Hannah Kiner

Digging In: Why Soil Matters

Soil Advocate

Dale Hendricks

Earth Care for a Living Planet: Soil, Carbon, Climate and Water

Gardener, Biochar Enthusiast, Connector, Elder

Charles Eisenstein

The Body of Earth


Lisa Doseff

An Engaging Garden Where Children and Wildlife Thrive!

Author of the Award-Winning Children's Book, Grandma Lisa's Humming, Buzzing, Chirping Garden

Katherine Scott

Urban Pollinator Gardening

Master Gardener, Urban Grower, and Food Justice Advocate

Alexis Campbell

Grounding Education with Action at the Horn Farm

Executive Director of the Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education

Elizabeth Weiner and Lindsay Hutchinson

Small is Significant

Community Organizer and Owner + Grower of People's Provisions

Brennan Ka'aihue and Jesse Price

Caring for our Kin

Land Stewards

Jimi Eisenstein, Tyler Yenna, and Evan Ho

Improvising with Nature & Others

Improv Panel

Becky Marks and Marie Johnston

Working with HOA Boards and Using Cues to Care

Certified Habitat Steward and HOA Educator

Kirsten Reinford and John Eisenstein

How to Support Regenerative Farmers

CSA Farmers

Cathleen Jennings

Experimental Lawn Conversion Methods

LadyBug Lawn Conversion Client

Hey there, Human... we're not going to pretend we know exactly who you are, or what you do daily, but we know you CARE. A lot.

Do you feel overwhelmed by species extinction, biodiversity loss and general ecological awareness?

We do, often.

➔ Isn't it frustrating when there seems to be so little time or money to address such a big problem?

This doesn't have to stop us!

➔ Are you curious about ecological gardening, building habitat and supporting pollinators but aren't sure where to start?

We got you.

➔ How would you feel if there were a few small actions you could take that made a big difference for wildlife?

This relieves and excites us too.

Increase your Impact

There are many simple, easy, cost-effective ways to increase air and water quality, capture carbon, regenerate soil, support pollinators and build habitat for wildlife, with style and ease.

The 2023 EarthCare Summit is designed to offer you tips, tricks, techniques, resources, knowledge and hands-on activities that can restore your relationship with nature in a way that empowers you to act with powerful impact for our ecosystems, and specifically the Chesapeake Bay.

Here's a taste of what you'll experience by joining the EarthCare Summit over 4 Theme Days:

01. AWARENESS: Find Your Place + EarthCare Foundations


02. CONNECTION: Embracing Kinship with Nature + Your Neighbors


03. ACTION: Learning Practical Tips, Tools + Techniques for Stewardship

04. IMPACT: Discovering Pathways + Professions for Ecological Impact


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STEP 1: Register

Register for your FREE seat at the 2023 EarthCare Summit. By securing your spot, you'll receive some early bird bonuses, a few reminder emails so you don't miss anything (we won't spam you - it's a promise), and have plenty of time to check everything out! 


STEP 2: Resources

Connect with speakers and their resources. The EarthCare Summit is loaded with bonuses too! 


STEP 3: Mark Your Calendar

Ideally, get your whole week blocked off so you can really enjoy the EarthCare Summit. But we understand life is full, so don't feel pressure to attend every event. Just join us as you can!


STEP 4: Increase Your Impact

And finally! You're on your way to an EarthCare lifestyle and practice this year that helps you build habitat for wildlife, support pollinators and deepen your relationship with Nature. 

Hey, I'm Kendra

This is me prepping soil on my urban lot in Harrisburg with a favorite tool of mine, the broadfork. This is just one of many practical, hands-on things you could learn about during the EarthCare Summit.

But I'm more excited about the idea of you connecting with other local ecology focused community members, activists, teachers and speakers - real humans, doing real grounded work, inspired by their relationship with Nature and making an impact for our bio-region, especially the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay.

The EarthCare Summit is a way to connect us all, increase our capacity for ecologically beneficial action, and therefore increase our impact - and it all begins with connection.

I look forward to meeting you during the event!


Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect...

➕ 4 Days of Free Education

➕ Live Q+A Sessions

➕ Tools, Techniques + Tips

➕ Roundtable + Panel Discussions

➕ Practices to try at Home

➕ Local Resources + Networks

➕ Freebies from Speakers

➕ Action-oriented Relationships

➕ Opportunities to get Involved

➕ Emergent Possibilities!

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We are part of Nature.


We can make a difference.


Get inspired and empowered to support pollinators, build and steward habitat for wildlife, increase biodiversity, sequester carbon, clean up the watershed, deepen your relationship with the land around you and so much more...

with the 2023 EarthCare Summit.

Join the experts and learn how to Increase Your Ecological Impact in the Mid-Atlantic Bioregion this year, or wherever you live, love, work or worship.

March 22 - 25, 2023


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